Friday, September 14, 2012

{ candy bar banner }

I have always liked the ideas of a candy buffet as
wedding favors. It's colorful, fun, and can
be dressed up so cute. When my little sister told
me she wanted to do a candy buffet, I was so
excited! So of course a banner is my first move
to decorate the table!
I wanted to try a new thing with this banner. I usually
paint letters on them. This time around I visited my
local vinyl and T-shirt shop. They pressed these
letters on in any size and font I wanted! So not only
did I get exactly what I wanted, it took no time at all!YAY!
What you'll need:
* burlap
* jute
* scissors
* sewing machine
I like to make a template when making banners. It
ensures that all of my pieces will be uniform. I
made a cardboard triangle that measured 5" across
the top. Then, I cut out 9 triangles form the burlap.

I put them in a bag and took them to the vinyl shop.
They cut and pressed 3" letters on each flag.

Now all I had to do was simply sew a running
strand of jute to the top of the flags using a
zigzag stitch.

~simple and sweet~


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