Wednesday, October 17, 2012

{ vintage produce box }

I needed a place to put my decorative gourds! 

What you'll need:
* 1/8" pieces of wood
- 6 at 2.5" x 12"
- 4 at 2.5" x 6" 
* 1" square posts
- 4 at 6 1/2" long
* a piece of 1/8" ply board
* dremel or sander
* paint
* stapler ( not a paper stapler, one for wood)

Start with your 1/8 inch pieces.

Use your Dremel tool to sand the edges.

Now take one of your 1/2 inch posts.

Attach,with staples, one of the 12" planks square and flush to the side top side.

Now attach a 12" plank to the bottom of the same post. 
Allow the plank to over hang 1/8".

Attach a second post to the other side of the planks. Flush
with the top, 1/8" over hang on the bottom. 

Staple a third plank diagonally across the others. 
Repeat to make a second piece like this.

Connect the two sides by stapling a 6" plank on to
the posts.

Repeat on the other side.

Next, attach the last two 6" planks to the bottom ends of the posts.
Remember to leave the 1/8" over hang here as well.

Set the frame on top of an 1/8" piece of ply board and trace the interior
of the frame onto the board. Cut this out.

This piece should fit perfectly in the 1/8" overhang and be flush with
the side planks.

Dab some wood glue  on the bottom of the posts.

Staple the bottom into place.

I painted my box with a water- paint mixture. It looks more worn
and vintage than paint alone.

Allow it to dry and fill with decorative gourds or pumpkins.

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